Mulberry Silk Bedding

Mulberry Silk is well known for its top quality and is the ultimate in bedding material.
The duvets are warmer, better quality and more hygenic than normal duvets.

Mulberry silk is heavier than other silks, which gives it superb thermal properties and enables it to make light but warm silk duvets. In order to retain the naturally beneficial properties that silk fibre has, all production of our silk duvets is carried out without using any chemicals, which also makes it
very environment-friendly.

We are so confident of the quality of our silk that every one of our silk duvets has a zipper so that you can see the silk inside. This is something that our competitors do not always provide.

Silk is not only for more warm and light, but also it has hypoallergenic properties. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, and is therefore an especially desirable alternative to down filled duvets for asthma sufferers for example. At the very least this means that a silk filled duvet is a much healthier alternative to duvets with conventional fillings such as down, feather or polyester.

Quick overview:

Premium bedding for a luxurious sleep experience.

Key Features:

100% Natural long-fibre mulberrysilk inside and 100% cotton outside.




Our mulberry silk all season duvets are ideal for people all year round. It is light enough for summer nights and warm enough for winter in a centrally heated home. The duvet is filled with 100% “AAA-Grade” long strand Mulberry silk and regulates your body temperature whilst you sleep, the all-seasons weight is perfect if your a warm sleeper as the wicking away properties are unrivalled.

If one Is hot and one is cold in life silk duvets are the answer.

Our Silk filled duvets are 100% non-allergenic and carry a seal of approval from the British allergy foundation at allergyuk ensuring they are free from dust-mites, perfect those who can’t use feather & down. Have asthma, arthritis or suffer from dry skin.

For the ultimate night’s sleep, pair with one of our mulberry silk lined pillows


Can bedtime get any more luxurious than a mulberry silk lined pillow? We don’t think so. Filled with layers of hand-stretched Mulberry silk, this pillow has a reassuringly dense yet cooling feel that feels divine when you lay your head down. The 100% breathable, moisture wicking properties of silk make this an incredibly comfortable pillow, keeping your head and face cool and fresh at night.

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**For health and hygiene reasons we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges on the following items unless they are returned unused and in their original packaging

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