Groomit Reviews

NAME: Chris Humphreys

HI, I have just aded a comment for your site.

I strongly recommend that you consider advertising this product in Fur & Feather magazine and if poss attend the London Championship show with it. The show has it`s own website.

Congratulations on a wonderful product.


BRC District Adviser,
2 Star panel judge for all breeds, & Registered Breeder of QUALITY DWARF LOPS, & MINIATURE LOPS STANDARD REX IN SEAL/SABLE, ORANGE & CASTOR.
All carefully bred from top bloodlines to produce sound, healthy stock true to standard.

NAME: Mrs Hooper

I write to inform you of how pleased I am with the ‘Groomit’ brush I bought at the Kent Garden Show today. My little puppy has long hair and had a couple of matted knots which I thought would have to be cut out, but after just a few brushes the ‘mat’ came out easily, effortlessly and above all gently. Well worth the show price of £15.00 and will now replace the two other brushes I bought from a famous pet warehouse.

Congratulations on an excellent product.

Best wishes Mrs Hooper

NAME: Heather

always a bit sceptical when things look too good to be true. I bought one of the dog grooming combs at the new forest show. tried it out as soon as i got home and the amount of hair that came out of my dog was amazing i would recommend this item to everyone.


NAME: John (norfolk)

I purchased a deshedding brush from you at the Roysl Norfolk Show, just wanted to say how pleased I am with it. I have spents pounds on other brushes to use on my two cats, all not qite right. Your product WORKS and causes no stress to my cats as it does not “tug” their fur. They lay for a brush very happily.

Thank you very much.

John (Norfolk)

NAME: Marny (Brush bought at Gardening Scotland show)

Hi, I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for a great pet care product. I was undecided at the show as to how good it would be for me as all five of my animals have different coats and I took some time to decide if I should get one. WOW! I have already lent it out to my neighbour and it is going to another friend next week to see how good it is.

I was most impressed by the way it does not pull knots but just removes them. One of my dogs has a wire mane, and she has always hated being brused as it tugged no matter how careful I was. She just sat still as I brushed it with your brush and it removed all the dead hair and knots. I was equally impressed in my other dog and cats, which range from very short haired to medium coats. They are not brushed with great frequency but did not object to it all and the undercoat just comes out with no effort at all.

Already I can see the difference in my home as regards less loose hair, and that is only after two short brushes on each animal, I look forward to results with regular use.

I have just caught up with my neighbour as I lent it to her for her cats. She has a fine coat cat who appears very sleek but she could not believe how much undercoat came out. She also has a 6 month old cat that has very very long hair that gets quite knotty around the back end and tail. Again as I had told her knots removed without tugging.

It really is an amazing product.

Thanks again and will be in touch to order more soon.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

As you may know from a few reviews ago, I have a little fluffy adorable but evil carpet rolling furball moulting Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who insists on sleeping in as many places as possible in order to cover the maximum amount of surface area in dog fur. I do brush him every day, with both a wide tooth comb to remove tangles and a thin wire dog brush to get out loose fur, however he seems to grow and moult fur at a super-human, or should I say super-dog rate. He’s so lucky he’s cute.

My mum recently went a country fayre in which they had numerous pet stalls and on her return excitedly announced she had a pressie for Socks. I think Socks thought a present for a greedy little doggy from a country fayre could mean only one thing – sausages. So when a dog brush came out of that oh so exciting paper bag he wasn’t best pleased.

The Groomit brush comes in very basic clear plastic moulded front and cardboard back packaging. I don’t think I’d pick it off the shelf over other products based on the look of it. The Groomit brush is distributed by a company called arkay sales who are based in Glasgow. It’s not a company I’ve come across before and it would appear a lot of their sales comes through tele-shopping and shows and fayres, where they demonstrate their products.

The Groomit claims to be developed with professional breeders and it suitable for horses, dogs, rabbits and any other long or short haired animal you can think of. I haven’t got a horse lying about at the mo to test it thoroughly so I can only comment on how this works on wriggly fluffy spaniels. The large chunky handle is easy to grip and has two combs on the top, a large wide toothed comb and a small, sharpish fine tooth comb which comes with a cover. The small comb is designed to remove loose hair without the need for cutting or damaging the animals top coat.

I was a little sceptical at how well this would work, but it looked like it should do the trick at getting rid of the little knots. I have to say I am amazed at how much fine fur this removes. Socks doesn’t seem to mind being brushed with the Groomit, not any more than any other brush anyway. It’s more that he gets bored and wants to wander off half way through. It says to use the fine comb first and then to use the larger comb afterwards. I’m not really sure what the purpose of this is. The fine comb does such a good job, using the larger one afterwards doesn’t really add anything. It is quite useful for teasing out any bigger tangles much like I used to with Socks’ old combs. Two combs flip up and down so you switch between them if you wish.

Groomit costs £20. I consider this a lot for a dog brush however it is very sturdy and I would imagine will last a good while. For me it’s well worth the money. The amount of loose fur it removes compared to the old brush I used is incredible. I understand now why there was so many fur balls appearing on the floor. I was probably only getting a small proportion of the fur out and only loosening rest further.

Socks’ fur looks so good after a brush with this comb. His coat not quite as good as after he’s been to the groomers, but not bad. It’s definitely made a huge improvement to my scruffy little dog, who’s now not so scruffy as also doesn’t scratch so much but also a huge improvement to my floors and sofa! Completely recommended. A fantastic product.

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