Groomit Pet Brush

Groomit dual purpose deshedding and grooming brush can decrease shedding by up to 90% on all animals. Groomit readily removes all the dead hair from your pets undercoat and topcoat, without cutting or damaging the topcoat, one brush for deshedding, flip it over, and you have a second brush for grooming.

Can be used on long, short, smooth, or wire haired dogs, will remove fur balls from long haired cats causing the animal no distress. Dogs and cats who hate being brushed just love the Groomit brush, as it has no sharp teeth or blades.

As seen demonstrated live up and down the U.K. At all major gun dog and country game fairs especially, the groomit is established as the number 1 deshedding tool in the uk & Europe.

With thousands sold over the last ten years it’s to late to get yours today.

Used by the professionals dog handlers the groomit will improve your pets coat guaranteed.


Reduces shedding by up to 90%

Suitable for all long and short haired dogs and cats

Perfect for stripping terriers

Designed with professional breeders with our unique edge to ensure the best

No cutting no blades

The 2 in 1 ultimate deshedding tool . Use the big teeth for long and medium coats to de-tangle and maintain the coat perfect for spaniels ears and all long coat dogs and cats.

Use the small teeth for deshedding without cutting or damaging the top coat the groomit will bypass the top coat and remove the loose , dead hair from your pets under coat giving a healthier top coat and cleaner undercoat.

Reduce fur balls for cats

Reduce shedding by 90% percent

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