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Can bedtime get any more luxurious than a mulberry silk lined pillow? We don’t think so. Filled with layers of hand-stretched wild Mulberry silk, this pillow has a reassuringly dense yet cooling feel that feels divine when you lay your head down. The 110%breathable, moisture wicking properties of silk make this an incredibly comfortable pillow, keeping your head and face cool and fresh at night.

Product Description


The 50/50 pillow is soft and bouncy and is recommended for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Lined in AAA grade long fibre mulberry silk with a quilted finish to hold the layers in place.

This pillow is made up of a synthetic core thus giving you lovely soft bounce back effect

entirely wrapped in long fibre Mulberry silk, meaning that users take advantage of all the benefits of the silk which is at the surface inside the pillow.

This pillow is lovely soft to touch and great for your skin and hair, silk is a natural moisturiser keeping your skin and hair soft and beautiful.

Sizes available: Standard

Filling: 50% Mulberry silk, 50% polyester core

Cover: 230 thread count 100% cotton

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