Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases


Be kind to your hair. The properties of silk and weave of fabric provide a smooth slippery surface that decreases hair damage, tangles, frizzies and helps prolong expensive hairstyles and extensions. Silk pillowcases are excellent for relaxed weakened hair. We cannot promise “no wrinkles”; however, sleeping on silk is known to help reduce skin creases and the sleep lines you get while sleeping. Soothing and gentle for irritated skin, silk is also kind and comforting for all skin types. The pillowcases are a 100% Silk front with a 100% cotton backing for strength. Silk is a naturally non-allergenic product.

Product Description


10 year limited against manufacturer’s defects.


mulberry Silk Pillows are made of traditional hand-stretched silk with a 100% cotton cover hand sewn. Silk is known to be hypo-allergenic, breathable, lightweight and of the highest quality.

**For health and hygiene reasons we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges on the following items unless they are returned unused and in their original packaging

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